Violin Lessons in Calgary.

-I offer violin in-home lessons in Calgary.
      -Is there any difference between in-home and in-studio lessons?
      -Are in-home lessons less effective?
           I think is exactly the same. I offer in-home lessons for several 
           reasons: the students feel more comfortable at home and they
           (or their parents) don't  have to waste an extra time and money to
           get to the studio. How effective the lessons are depend on the
           quality of the teacher and the dedication of the student. But if
           you prefer to get the lessons in a different place we can talk
-No previous music or violin knowledge is  
          We can start from scratch. My goal as a teacher is to make my
          students understand how the violin works and to set up their
          violin technique correctly, Not only to learn couple of songs ...
-No age limit: kids and adults are welcome.
         It happens a lot: some parents, when I start working with their
         kids, want to start or restart learning violin. That's great. Obviously
         the goals with adult starters are different than with kids but there
         is no reason you can't start learning something you want to.
         Actually the adults learn more quickly.
-Affordable rates.
          2020 Rates:
         -30 min lesson: $35  -45 min lesson: $50,  60 min lesson: $65
           I recommend 30 min lessons for kids, no longer ... Its really hard
           for them to focus for more than half an hour.
-Want to prepare the RCM exams? We can do it.
-Violin lessons are available in English, Spanish
  and Russian. 


            My Mother tongue is Russian. I lived in Mexico for 25 years
            so Spanish is my second language.
- Need references?

          No problem: you can ask about my job my real students or their  

          parents ... Currently I have 33 Students.

- What do you need to start?

       You need a violin. If you already have one that's great. If you don't  

       please ask me before you buy something. The size of the violin depends

       on the students measures. Some younger kids are bigger than some

       older ones. We have to measure the student's arm to decide the size of

       the violin he/she needs. If you prefer not to buy an instrument you can

       rent it as well.

- Any questions? Feel free to
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